“Why Women Are Leaving Men for Other Women” – Mary A. Fischer

Oprah and U.S. Sexual Exceptionalism: An Example

American Gothic

Interestingly, the essay begins with the story of how Macarena Gomez-Barris fell in love with Judith Halberstam, but the full import of the text performs a recognizable “homonormalizing” permutation of heteronormativity that provides a compelling example of what Puar describes as “U.S. sexual exceptionalism.” Quote:

Sexual exceptionalism also works by glossing over its own policing of the boundaries of acceptable gender, racial, and class formations. That is, homosexual exceptionalism does not necessarily contradict or undermine heterosexual sexual exceptionalism; in actuality it may support forms of heteronormativity and the class, racial, and citizenship privileges they require.” (9)

2 thoughts on ““Why Women Are Leaving Men for Other Women” – Mary A. Fischer

  1. alexislothian

    Oh my, that article! Halberstam uses it as an example of why one should always be very, very careful when talking to journalists…

    1. Timothy Kirk Post author

      I assumed as much. I was surprised to see her mentioned in an O Magazine article like this. Did she feel scandalized?


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