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Due every Monday, each synthesis should be 1000-1500 (4-6 pages) long. Think of these as experimental sites in which to test out new ideas that may not be fully elaborated. Each synthesis should bring together ideas from two or more of the theoretical readings from class and to reflect on them in the context of a text or example (literature, film, popular culture, art, performance, personal experience) that may be drawn from within or outside the class. Your syntheses will be shared online with the class and may include images, sound, and video as well as text. The short essays published online in Social Text: Periscope or the Bully Bloggers site run by several of the theorists we’ll be reading might serve as useful models.

As you read throughout the semester, think about examples you might use in a synthesis. It will help your writing if you take the opportunity to bring potential texts or examples to share in class discussion.

Bear in mind that you will be choosing one of these (or combining more than one) to develop into a conference-style talk at the end of the semester.

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