Week 4

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1. Puar, “assemblage”

2. Puar, “homonationalism”

3. Morgenson

4. Chen

5. Student-selected text 1

6. Student-selected text 2

To make your post, add a new page by clicking here. At the right-hand side of the screen, make sure you select “Week 1” from the “parent” drop down menu. Enter the number of the text you are summarizing under “order”. Make sure the box marked “Students only” under “Access” is checked.

Your summary should be between 250 and 400 words and should sum up the key points of the text as you understand them. If you are having difficulty understanding the argument, write about what you think is going on and include the things that confuse you. If your understanding of the text changes after we discuss it in class, you can edit your summary to show this.

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