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Presentation schedule

Here is a schedule for our final presentations!

1. Transnational Queer Imaginaries
Elizabeth Jacoby “Power and Performativity in David Henry Hwang’s, M. Butterfly”
Maria Kranidis, “Queer Imaginaries: Queer Performances in Other Places.”
Rachael Warmington, “Representations of Female Histories in Queer Diasporic Texts and Film.”

2. Queered Life Narratives of Gender, Race, and Place
Kathryn Allen, “Queer Space and Home”
Jill Hummel, “Childbirth in the Closet: Struggles of Power and Opposition in the Delivery Room”
Treasure Redmond, “The Booty Don’t Lie: Radical Coalitions Between Queer Women of Color and the Straight Women Who Love Them”

3. Popular Culture and Queer Normativities
Joseph Spece, “RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE and Popular Export of the Metronormative Aesthetic”
Lauren Shoemaker, “Sex at Work:  Desire, Privacy, and the Color of the Collar.””
Tom Powers, “Queer Hearts Resurrected: The Socially Corrupted Undead Bodies of In the Flesh”

4. Queer Pedagogies
Nick Shaner, “Queer Pedagogies for the American Renaissance”
Tim Kirk, “Towards a Queer Pedagogy: Exploring Queer Fictional Landscapes”
Susan Petrole, “”Know Thyself”: A Human-Normative Course on Queer Theory”

talk by Puar

Here is a recent talk by Puar titled “Homonationalism Gone Viral: Discipline, Control, and the Affective Politics of Sensation”

This is an hour and 40 minutes long and I haven’t watched it yet, but it looks pretty great.